Below are a selection of testimonials from existing and previous patients for a range of problems. You can also read more testimonials on Google.

Back pain
I was recommended to try Stephen by Simon Cole a good friend of mine who suffered with back pain for many years.

He has since treated that and quite probably every other part of my body, from stiff calf’s to tennis elbow, to stiff shoulders (all these are golf related).

Every time he provides detailed information about the problem and more often than not solves the problem.

If he can’t solve the problem then he will tell you immediately and suggest the appropriate place to go or person to see. If he can help he will but he is not too proud to admit if he can’t do anything which i think i almost appreciate as much as the times as he does help me.

Tony Showman

Neck and joint pain
I have a disability with the nerves and muscles in my neck and arms/hands. So I need to have a regular, proper sports massage, to keep everything moving freely, and pain-free.

Stephen is extremely knowledgeable and when I describe a certain area where there is pain he seems to have a sixth sense in finding the exact point and knowing how to get in properly to release the tension.

He is extremely experienced and knowledgeable with regards to the body, and a jolly nice chap as well! There is also the added convenience that he will come to your home which I find, as a busy professional, extremely handy. I would highly recommend him to anybody.

Rebeka Fiona – Photographer

Back and shoulder problems
I sit at a desk for most of my day in front of a computer. I don’t get to move about too much and I think as a result of this over time I have developed a rather sore lower back and sometimes shoulder problems.

I went to see Stephen when the pain was just too much to bear anymore. I must admit the treatment was no ride in the park as it was painful at times but it was worth every last bit of it. I was feeling the benefit after just a few sessions of treatment.

Since September last year I have been pain free and just need the occasional treatment to put me back on track. Stephen is a great guy who is very professional and easy to talk to. He gives constructive advise and is there whenever you need him. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to see Stephen if they are in a similar pain.

Jo Oakes

Thoroughly effective, informal and professional service
Massage Hands provide a thoroughly effective, informal and professional service. I have been attending sessions for the past few weeks now and have been more than pleased with the results to date.Stephen is a very good listener and understands exactly what needs to be done. Compared to previous experiences – I’d have to say that he’s the best physio I have worked with.
Neck and shoulder pain
I was recommended to stephen by a friend who is also a patient, I was very impressed because after a few painful sessions the pain relief I had in my neck and shoulders was amazing. I would highly recommend him he is very professional and certainly knows his stuff. I now go back for maintenance to keep on top of my muscle problems.

Annette from Whitefield